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SnappCity turns your city into a social community pack full of real time news and events. Let your Chamber members tell their story in their words. SnappCity helps members of the community team up to deliver content far beyond any full time development team.

Innovative tourist inspired webpages

You can now quickly post news, events and content to your website all with one simple dashboard!
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Our dynamic software recognizes when content is added and distributes it around your website keeping every page up to date and active with fresh content around the clock.

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SEO Optimized

Watch your site shoot up the rankings with our cutting edge Search Engine Optimization.

Unlimited Webpages

Give every business owner their own webpage to manage and promote their shop.

Image uploads

Site members can upload retina ready images that share the true character of their company

Your city is in the Cloud

SnappCity is a cloud based application. What the heck does that mean? Well.. It means we host, maintain security and top speeds for you! No server or web developers needed here.

Webpage Management

As the site owner you have full control! Edit webpages, add new members, post events, news, private messages to your business owners and more!

Account Management

Every business owner has access to manage their webpage content, add news and events to help keep your site up to date and relevant.


Take a tour through the SnappCity software! Check out all of the features available through the SnappCity software by clicking on the boxes below. Not sure if we baked in everything your city needs? Send us your questions! Our development team is constantly adding new features and seeking new ideas, we just may add your custom request to the list for you.

Become unique

Stand out Now

Join your community together and drive your website to new heights. SnappCity is designed to give all of your members a voice and the ability to deliver relevant news to your visitors. Keeping a city website up to date with real time content isn’t cheap, quick or simple. SnappCity turns your site into a social community that will accelerate your websites growth, impress your visitors and save you time and money.

We step up to the plate

5-star Support

We take pride in supporting you all the way through. We commit ourselves as problem-solvers and crisis-resolvers. Visit our support forum to experience it first-hand, watch tutorial videos or drop us a line. Since SnappCity is a cloud based software and NOT a stand alone website, we are constantly adding new features to your dashboard and fielding your input to ensure you always provide the best experience.

We would like to think so!

Do we get it?

Our first line of code was written in 2014 while sitting in a bustling coffee shop watching the owner rush around pouring coffee and chatting with the locals. You see, SnappCity was born in the beautiful lakeside town of Manson Washington surrounded by passionate business lovers. Working closely with shop owners and City Counsel members over the years, we couldn’t ignore that simplicity and ease of use had to be #1 priority when developing this software.


Mobile Ready

Watch you webpages transform before your eyes as you scroll through fresh new content added by your community members.

Quick Updates

The days of waiting on your web developer are over! Manage everything within minutes from your user dashboard and get on with your day.

Geo Enabled

Once your members set up their profiles we geo tag their place of business. Maps will automatically update and appear all around your city website allowing people to get quick directions to their location from any page.

Lightweight Code

Our development team is constantly refactoring and refactoring again to ensure your dynamic city website loads in lightning speeds.

New Features

We are constantly rolling out new features to further enhance custom page options and content sharing opportunities with every update.

Video Tutorials

We host an extensive gallery of videos to provide 24/7 support to your users. Our goal is to help your site excel with simplicity of use. New videos are added with every new feature!


Learn more about your site traffic, visitors and popular news and businesses with our analytic reports.


If you members are Wineries or Plumbers, SnappCity is designed to help everyone customize their business pages with relevant information designed specifically for their industry.

The 1 minute update

At any given moment your users can simply log in and post a news article, event, update their hours or edit their content on their company page within 60 seconds. The system will then show case it site wide without you lifting a finger!